About Us



How it all started…

Reuben, one of our co-founders, split his early years between the UK and the US. An experienced drummer with a love for the rush of being on stage, Reuben toured in bands on both sides of the Atlantic before managing other artists across the UK and the US.

It didn’t take long for him to realise how both artists and organisers are held back by so many obstacles when putting on live music, which grew his passion to protect and enhance the way grassroots gigs are organised.

Beyond that, he knows how key it is to support artists as they grow, and is dedicated to using his music industry connections to give access to the right resources for artists to develop.

Meanwhile, our other Co-founder, Tom, also saw the frustrations with organising live music, but from the other side of the table. He spent a decade working in the corporate tech world, being part of a number of events, discovering first-hand the complexities involved, and wondering how technology could play a part to resolve them.

That all became clear when his cousin Reuben phoned him one day with a ‘Big Idea’…

Meet the Team

Tom Brady
Reuben Narey
Ollie Cunningham
Head of Commercial Operations
Amber Stevens
Head of Customer Services
Emma McClarkin OBE
Board Member
CEO of the British Beer & Pub Association
Alison Wenham OBE
Board Member
COO of Chrysalis Records
Andy Saunders
Board Member
MD of Velocity