About GigRealm

GigRealm exists to support both artists and those organising gigs.

Artists are given the opportunity to find paid work, that’s on their own terms, providing them with the exposure they need to progress within the music industry.

Venues across the hospitality sector can use GigRealm to diversify their offering. Tapping into a new way to attract more customers through their doors whilst increasing their bottomline.

Even those just looking to organise One-Off Events, such as a wedding or birthday party, no longer have to struggle to find and book artists. It’s about to get much easier for everyone.

Welcome to the ultimate booking manager.

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Venues: You’ll get…

A simple and cost-effective way to discover, connect and book great talent, at the right price. Our subscription model is simple. One set price for unlimited access to the platform. The perfect way to diversify your offering and bring customers through your doors.

6 months FREE. No more hidden fees or expensive commission to pay.

Currently work with a Promoter?
Don’t worry! You can invite them via your dashboard for free so they can assist with managing all your gigs.


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One-Off Events: You’ll get…

Access to the perfect musician for your event including solo artists, bands and DJs. Whether you’re organising a work party or trying to find someone for a wedding or special birthday, we can help you find what you need to get the party in full swing. Our artists are ready to support your event.

What about adding others to help manage the event?
We fully understand that you may need to add a colleague or friend to help manage the event. You can invite them via your dashboard once signed in.


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Artists: You’ll get…

Instant access to a free profile/electronic press kit (EPK), allowing venues and organisers of one-off events to better understand you and your music before connecting. Access to the right gigs, securing the exposure you want and pay you deserve. Our gigs include everything from the pub down the road to someone putting on a local festival or private function. The possibilities are endless. The best part is everything is managed via the platform and your bookings are protected by our automated GigContract™.

What about my Manager and Bandmates?
Not a problem! You can invite them via your dashboard for free so they can assist with managing all your gigs.


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