GigRealm & Breed Media strike new partnership to help artists create bespoke music material like Vinyl’s, CD’s, and more.

Who are Breed Media and what do they do?

    • Born in Sheffield in 2007, Breed Media, a KEY Production Group company, offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions in vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, cassettes, print and bespoke packaging. For over fifteen years, Breed Media have been nurturing independent artists and helping them fulfil their vision. Whether a start-up band looking to press their first album or an experienced musician with thousands of fans, they’re here to help with your project every step of the way.

  • How does Breed Media fit into the GigRealm ecosystem?
    • Breed Media gives GigRealm artists access to bespoke built music media. Having a company like Breed being able to do limited pressings of vinyls and CD’s is huge to up and coming artists that struggle finding someone that can fill their order.

Karen Emanuel, CEO of Key Productions said:For over fifteen years, independent artists have been at the centre of everything Breed Media believes in, supporting them every step of the way through the journey of turning their art into a physical format. We are delighted to partner with GigRealm, who share our ethos of empowering artists to have a sustainable career in music.”

Reuben Narey, Co-founder at GigRealm, said: “We are very proud to be joining forces with Breed Media. Giving artists the ability to make their own pressings and at a limited run is crucial to building a fan base that will buy your merch! As we all know high quality merchandise is crucial to not only building your fan network, but retaining the fans you already have.” 


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