GigRealm & Groover strike new partnership to help artists promote their music.

  • Who is Groover and what do they do?

    • Groover helps artists to get their music heard by connecting them with the best curators, radios and labels who are on the lookout for emerging talents. Artists can send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radios, playlist curators, record labels and pros of their choice, gain guaranteed feedback and land coverage! Since 2019, more than 1 million pieces of feedback have been given by more than 1,500 active music curators and pros, 250k+ shares (reviews, playlist adds etc.) and 600+ record labels signings have taken place.
  • How does Groover fit into the GigRealm ecosystem?
    • Artists using both Groover and GigRealm have the same aim. To bring more visibility to their work by doing what they love; which is releasing music and playing live shows. GigRealm will provide Groover artists with access to guaranteed paid gigs across the UK, providing more stability as they continue to grow. Artists will then have access to Groover, to find new opportunities to promote their music including blogs, radios, playlists etc., whilst also providing access to record labels and managers. A perfect addition to our network of partners who all offering something designed to help emerging and developing artists.

Dorian Perron, Co-founder at Groover, said: “Apart from promoting their music online, the best way to build a real and engaged fanbase and reach new audiences, is for artists to play gigs. GigRealm helps them achieve this by guaranteeing them paid gigs which is incredibly refreshing to see. Gaining a stable income provides artists with enough funds to then invest in other projects to help benefit their career. We can’t wait to get going and help GigRealm’s artists to promote their music.”

Reuben Narey, Co-founder at GigRealm, said: “GigRealm is incredibly excited to partner Groover. It’s so important to get your music into the hands of people that can help further your career. Having access to hundreds of music curators can really take you to where you want to go. Anything from radio play to getting signed is possible through Groover’s network. We’re also really excited to support their artists with access to paid opportunities via the GigRealm platform, allowing more artists to have the funds for other projects that can help advance their careers.”

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