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Enabling operators to drive footfall and revenue across their entire estate.

Automatic rollout across your estate

We take care of all the account set-up and activation. Whether you run managed or tenanted sites, we take care of all business models.

Book with peace of mind

Direct access to artists, where your teams can review and book them with ease. No more wondering how to put on a gig, where to find an artist or how you pay them. It takes no more than 10mins with GigRealm to book a gig, compared to 2hrs manually sourcing artists.

Contracts and payments taken care of

Let us worry about the admin. Gone are the days of artists having to register as a supplier, have their own contracts and invoices. No need for 1000s of suppliers on your system. Now you just have one, GigRealm. We automatically transact payments to artists on your behalf and issue automated online GigContracts.

Management & ROI

We cater for all kinds of businesses. Your HQ teams and regional managers may also need access? Perhaps you have specific internal processes we need to accommodate? Your account manager will make all this possible. Plus our intuitive dashboards also make it easy for your teams to review, track and assess ROI.

Experience-led, driving footfall & sales

Ultimately it’s all about enhancing your customer experience and enticing new customers through your doors. Live music does this but GigRealm also has the added bonus of tapping into artist’s fans and bringing them through your doors.

Best part...

74% of customers have gone to a pub in their lifetime just to see live music.

Live music can increase wet sales by 60%.


Standard offering
Corporate offering

Training, account management & support.

Management Accounts

Access to HQ master account and separate regional manager/BDM accounts.

Venue Accounts

Individual accounts for each venue.

Approve Gig Adverts

Optional: Regional managers/BDMs  can approve prior to going live.

Book Artists

Venues can search, review, negotiate and book artists.


Gigs are backed by our automated GigContractTM. Corporate clients can also add their own terms to this.

Paying Artists

Our integrated payment system allows you to pay artists centrally. We support card payments, bank transfer or payments in cash.


Access to all invoices for both your subscription to the platform and payments to artists.

Centralised Billing

We can pay artists on your behalf so you only have 1 supplier, whilst providing batch invoices to enable easy reconciliation and cross charging back to your venues.

ROI Reports

Access to reports detailing expenditure by region, venue or manager across all venues allowing you to assess ROI.


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