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GigRealm members also gain access to discounts or access to free perks from our industry partners.

Industry Membership

Membership from £1

For over a hundred years the Musicians’ Union has been standing up for musicians’ rights across the music industry.

Join the UK’s leading musicians’ trade union from as little as £1 and enjoy numerous member-only benefits including Public Liability Insurance, instrument cover, discounts and special offers, and much more.

50% off membership

If you’re a self-releasing artist or manager that releases music, AIM are here to help. They provide members with opportunities to make and save money, develop a deeper understanding of the business and of deal structures.

Plus access distributors and Digital Service Providers (DSPs), networking opportunities and more.

Music Distribution & Sync

30% off single release

30% off a single release when using TuneCore. Distribute and sell your music on a wide network of digital music stores and streaming services. No code required.

50% Off for 6 Months

50% off all commission at Kycker. The artist development platform that allows you to distribute and publish tracks whilst also having access to sync opportunities.

50% off Standard Single Release

CD Baby Standard distribution will make your music available across 150+ digital stores and services, including TikTok and Instagram. Access your discount code today!

Royalty Collection

40% Off

Did you know you can claim royalties on each gig you do? With Songtrust, no matter what stage of your career, they support music creators from all genres to claim back the money that is rightfully yours.

They have a one-off  sign up fee to onboard you which GigRealm has secured an exclusive 40% discount for our users.

Music Promo

Free YouTube Campaign

Click here to claim your free YouTube campaign through SyncVault! Grow your fan base and generate revenue!

15% Off

15% off your first TikTok/Reels campaign! Grow your fanbase and kickstart your career!

10% Off

10% off all Grooviz purchases at Groover. Groover helps artists promote their music to the best curators, radio stations and record labels.

Audio Services

2 Months Free

Quickly share streams and downloads in the file formats that match your needs. Control security restrictions when you privately share single tracks, albums and playlists all from one secure platform.

Music Manufacturing

5% Off

5% off Breed Media for artists. Wether you want custom made vinyl’s, CD’s, or more, Breed Media have you covered!


Instruments, Lights and Sound Equipment

At Europe’s biggest music store you’ll find a huge range of instruments as well as studio-, light- and sound technology. We have the most popular brands, low-priced alternatives, and many free extras.


10% off songwriting

Tileyard Education Songwriting Camps are for aspiring and professional writers, producers and artists looking to write to a live commercial brief and find new co-writing friends and business partners.

10% Discount

ICMP offers a specialist range of industry-aligned courses focused on preparing musicians, producers, performers and entrepreneurs for a successful long-term career in the modern music industry.