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Discover, connect & book great talent at the right price, all managed from your very own online dashboard. Putting on unforgettable gigs really is as simple as finding, booking & paying artists, all through the GigRealm platform. No picking up the phone, no middlemen, no hidden fees or surprises.

Live music is the perfect way to diversify your offering and bring people together. We believe live music has such a huge potential to help out pubs & bars during these difficult times that we commissioned a whole research study in 2022, which found:

  • 76% consumers have gone to a pub because of live music

  • 68% agree live music is a great experience to enjoy on a low budget (and something that cannot be replicated at home!)

  • 85% agree that combining more experiences such as live music with live sports would entice them to visit

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Explore our industry leading corporate service for multisite operators. At GigRealm we offer solutions covering all types of businesses. From managed estates through to L&T and solutions catering for both.


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Want to boost revenue by putting on a gig at your venue but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you already do but need to streamline and simplify the process?

GigRealm can provide you with artists of all types and genres so you find the perfect match for your events.

Our artists cater for all kinds of live events and come from across the music industry. So no matter the type of venue, we’re here to instantly connect you with the perfect act.


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So How Does it Work?


    Quickly and easily add your upcoming gigs to your dashboard.


    Connect with artists and book them onto your gigs or wait for artists to approach you. You can even build out a roster of favourite artists so you can quickly offer them gigs.


    Manage all gigs via your centralised dashboard, knowing you’re also fully protected through our automated GigContract™ that is attached to each booking.


    Fully automate payments and invoices, taking the stress out of paying artists.

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