New Live Music Opportunities & Pathways Created for Female* Performers

GigRealm is trilled to announce a new partnership with The F-List for Music; the first directory of its kind to feature up-to-date information on UK-based female musicians, songwriters and composers.

This new partnership will see GigRealm and The F-List team up to create pathways and opportunities for female musicians in the live music space.

The F-List was created by former BASCA CEO and academic Vick Bain, a long-time advocate and campaigner for equality and diversity in the music industry.

The F-List directory grew out of research she undertook in 2019, analysing the gender of the rosters of over 300 UK record labels and publishing companies. Her findings were published in the report ‘Counting the Music Industry’. For the first time, it provided data that demonstrated how few women are supported financially by the music industry, in comparison to men.

Using data from that research, The F-List is the first directory of its kind to feature up-to-date information on UK-based female* musicians, songwriters and composers.

The F-List for Music CEO, Vick Bain said: “Recent research highlighted the fact that only 8% headlining live shows were by women so any initiatives that give them better access to and parity within the live music sector are welcome. We’re delighted to be working closely with GigRealm, who are passionate about levelling the playing field for all musicians, to provide much needed pathways into paid gig opportunities for those who struggle to get fair representation.”

By offering an easy-to-use, one-stop solution, the GigRealm platform simplifies the staging and promotion of live music by matching artists with the right gigs. The platform also boasts an automated GigContract™ that is attached to each gig, and an integrated payment system which both help to ensure artists are protected and paid. A key focus for GigRealm is to ensure fair pay for artists and tackling the issues of ‘pay-to-play’ and ‘free-play’ head on. The platform also provides marketing tools and an extensive toolkit & knowledgebase to help make the staging of live music events as seamless and efficient as possible.

They have already agreed partnerships with national pubco’s including Greene King and collaborations with several music industry bodies and companies including CD Baby, Kycker, The Ivors Academy and ICMP.

GigRealm Co-Founder, Tom Brady said: “GigRealm is fully committed to creating opportunities for all musicians. We want to break down barriers wherever we can and make performing live easier and more accessible for everyone involved. Female musicians are hugely underrepresented and this new partnership with The F-List will allow us to help redress that imbalance.”

*The F-List is proud to be trans and gender minority inclusive.

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