Putting on a gig at can be a great way to bring in business and showcase local talent. However, it’s important to plan and organise the event properly to ensure a successful outcome. As a venue owner, you want to make sure that your events run smoothly and that everyone involved has a great experience. In this blog post, we’ll share a guide on how venues can put on a gig and make it a success.

  1. Determine the Type of Event

The first step in putting on a gig is to determine the type of event you want to put on. Decide what type of event you want to put on, such as a concert, drag show, acoustic night, something more up tempo or even an open mic night. This will help you determine the type of performers you’ll need to book and the necessary equipment, if any is required.

2. Book the Performers

Once you know the type of event you want to put on, start reaching out to performers. Look for local talent that fits the style of your event and has a good following. Be sure to confirm all details, including the date, time, and payment terms in writing. Luckily for you GigRealm takes care of not only helping you source artists but also keeps all the admin in one easy to use platform.

3. Secure Necessary Permits and Licenses

Before you put on the event, make sure you have all the necessary permits and licenses. This may include a liquor license, a permit for live music, and any other permits required by your local government. It’s important to take care of this step well in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. Please see the PRS’s website for more details to determine whether or not you need a music license for your event.

4. Promote the Event

Promoting the event is crucial to attract a good crowd. Create a promotional plan to advertise the event. This can include social media, flyers, posters, and online listings. Make sure to reach out to local media outlets to see if they will feature the event in their publications or on their websites. Many artists on GigRealm already have a substantial following on social media. Make sure to tag them in your post and share the event directly from your gig advert page on GigRealm.

5. Set up the Venue

Before the event, make sure the venue is set up properly for the event. This may include setting up a stage, lighting, and sound equipment depending on the event. Test all equipment before the event to ensure it is working properly. Make sure that the venue is clean and ready for the event. Having a good place to put an artist is key! Many artists on GigRealm can come with all their own equipment so make sure to check their profile before booking!

6. Coordinate with the Performers

Coordinate with the performers to ensure they have everything they need for their performance. This may include providing them with a dressing room, a soundcheck, and a schedule for their performance. Make sure that you communicate with the performers and that they have everything they need to make the performance a success. This is easy to do via GigRealm. Everything they have is laid out on their profile for you to easily find. Anything else that maybe required can be talked about in the chat box.

7. Manage the Event

During the event, make sure everything runs smoothly. This may include managing the crowd, handling any issues that arise, and making sure the performers have everything they need. A couple glasses of water go a long way!

8.Follow up

After the event, follow up with the performers and the audience to get their feedback. Use this feedback to improve future events and to give performers an idea of what they can expect when they play your venue. Make sure to thank them for their participation and encourage them to come back.

Putting on a gig at a venue can be a great way to bring in business and showcase local talent. By following these steps, venues can put on a successful gig and create a positive experience for both the performers and the audience. With proper planning and organization, venues can create an enjoyable and memorable event that will bring in repeat business and a positive reputation. Remember to be organized, communicate with your team and performers and to follow-up, that way you’ll be able to improve your event for next time. Get more punters through your doors today. Sign up to GigRealm. Gigs start here.

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