In a world where the news surrounding live music has been bleak, it can seem discouraging to want to pursue a career in this space. 2022 though is when everything will change. 


Now is, in fact, the best time for artists to get their foot in the door and build their presence in the music sector. 


You may be asking why now? Is it just COVID restrictions ending? Not really. Venues including pubs, bars and restaurants right across the hospitality sector are increasingly looking for new ways to attract new customers and entice people back through their doors. They’re keen to diversify what they do to help them stand out whilst rejuvenating the high street so it can continue to be the beating heart of our communities. Fans are also being encouraged to visit smaller local venues to enjoy live music, pushing the hospitality and music sectors closer together (check out the MVT #GoLocal campaign).

Live music is what will change the tide. With so much pent up demand to see live music, now is the time for venues to tap into this space and attract customers. All whilst helping artist’s careers and the live music sector thrive.


But how do you go about getting gigs and can I achieve this as an independent artist?

According to research from MIDiA, the DIY artist sector grew 34% in 2020 compared to a 7% growth for the overall music market. There are many benefits to staying independent: you get to keep ownership of all your music and the money you make from playing live, as well as royalties from releases. Plus you’re free to organise your own gigs and schedule.

This is where GigRealm comes in. Yes we can instantly connect you to paid gigs but we also have a fantastic network of partners, carefully pieced together to offer independent artists all the tools they need to make it big. All done on your own terms. 


Let us take you through the journey…

Step 1 – get out there and perform.

Before anything else, playing live comes first, which can seem daunting if you have no ‘ins’ into the industry. Historically, you would go busking, play for free or even have to pay for the chance of performing known as “pay-to-play”. The year is 2022 and things have changed. GigRealm is here right at the start of your journey, removing these obstacles. We provide access to only paid gigs across the UK, in a variety of venues which ensures artists have a platform to break through.


Step 2 – advancing your skills and knowledge

In order to get to the next step (releasing and distributing music), a great start is developing your skills and knowledge. For this, take a look at our education partners ICMP and Tileyard Education who provide courses on a variety of subjects including songwriting and performance related courses.


Step 3 – release and distribute your music

Tap into our network of leading distribution partners to release your music. They include TuneCore, CD Baby and Kycker. Recent success stories such as Lauren Spencer-Smith are proof that you don’t need a big label to hit the charts. All you need are partners to support you at each step of your journey. 


Step 4 – don’t forget to collect those royalties

Something many artists starting out in the industry forget about are royalties. Many assume you can just collect these from music you release but you can also collect them from live performances and gigs. Our partner Songtrust will give you full control over this.


Step 5 – maintaining your industry foothold

Keeping up your live performances and releases are essential in staying on the radar of your fans, and additionally, becoming immersed in trade unions and industry bodies will help get you important contacts and ins to the industry that can make your career go from 0 to a 100. With access to our partners AIM and the Musician’s Union, so many other aspects that crop up are covered by these two partners. They provide opportunities to network, develop deeper industry knowledge and become a full-fledged part of the music scene. They also provide access to invaluable resources including access to insurance and business and legal support.


The best part… Our partners offer exclusive discounts for their services! So what are you waiting for? Time to make 2022 your year!

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